Importing a motorbike: How does it work?

Many people in The Netherlands import a car from abroad. This is because it is a lot cheaper and often easier. Importing cars into Europe is easy and often takes little time. Nowadays, there are also many people who import motorbikes, but this is often for a different reason. Often there are certain motorbikes that cannot be found in the Netherlands, or that are not for sale. Well known brands like Harley Davidson are unique and often hard to find. Do you want to have one? Then it is convenient to import this motorbike from abroad. Besides the fact that you can buy unique motorbikes this way, it is also a lot cheaper. How does it work? In this article we will elaborate on that, so you will know more about it.

Importing motorbikes from the EU

Many people import a motorbike from the EU because it is often a lot easier. When you import a motorbike from an EU country, it often already has a European type approval. Transport is also easy, and these motorbikes are often transported by road. Another big advantage is that you do not have to pay any import duties for the motorbike. However, there are disadvantages, and you still have to pay the BPM of the motorbike. When you buy a motorbike in the Netherlands, this is not the case, but when you import it, you do have to pay BPM.

If you import a motorbike outside the EU, a lot more has to be done.  First, the motorbike has to get a European type approval, and you have to do this at the RDW. Also, the transport is a lot more difficult and can cost a lot more money. The motorbike often has to be shipped and because of this, the motorbike can break down faster. A motorcycle trader can help you a lot better with the import of a motorbike. They know better than anyone how to import motorbikes for you.

Look on the internet

If you want to import a motorbike from abroad, it is always useful to check the conditions first. Of course, you do not want the motorbike to come in and you do not want to be allowed to use it on public roads. Therefore, take a good look at the different motorbikes and check what needs to be done. There are also several motorbike traders you can go to for importing a motorbike.